Monday, 9 July 2012

Round and round we go

The slightly curvier world of Little Red Cap than before...
Little Red Cap
Wall of In working progress!

I still have lots of work to do on these illustrations but the more I work on them, the more confident I am getting. I think I may have gone slightly too far down the softer line route as the wolf has become less scary and in some of the reveals isn't immediately recognizable as the wolf silhouette. The trees in the woods have become a bit regimented so I want to rework them until they fit right. I'm really happy with how Little Red Cap has developed, she has had some life injected into her by adding more curves to her and giving her a sense of motion.

Now that each of the six images and their six reveals have been decided, I want to focus my attention on getting them perfect! I already feel that I have learnt an incredible amount and I want to make sure I continue to take everything in now in order to be able to continue once the final project has concluded and I take my illustrations into the scary real world.

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