Friday, 13 July 2012

Oh! The Possibilities!

So, I know what I need to do to each image in order to refine them and make them work, it's down to me to get them done! The most recent tutorial was used to discuss production and what the images could become if working towards a final show once the illustrations are complete. I was not expecting to come out from it with a potential exhibition idea with marketable elements and a potential new business!! Exciting stuff!!

The idea of turning them into a large scale interactive sculpture piece is a really exciting prospect, especially considering some of the great parks and woods in the area, (Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Tatton Park to name but two) but I would also like to create something that is just as exciting but also marketable as a children's book. Not just any children's book, but an amazing interactive children's book that I can enter into the Bologna Children's Book Fair at the beginning of October.

There are so many possibilities to consider! The size and scale of the sculpture, will it be indoors or outdoors or both? How are my audience going to interact with the reveal of the image when it is a larger scale? How will the large scale event relate to the marketable book? How will I market the book? Will anything accompany the book? Where will the large scale piece be exhibited? Are there any future possibilities for exhibiting the sculpture elsewhere? We discussed it all! AND more excitingly came up with some very promising ideas/ answers which shall be revealed later in the day.

We discussed existing creatives, such as Donna Wilson, with the idea of creating an indoor environment for the audience to be involved in. I could create my own woods for them to walk through as they follow the story or turn them into a game experience by giving them things to throw at the illustrations to make the reveal fall. Keeping the woods theme to link it all together.

Some of the ideas could be perfect for approaching schools, organisations or activity centres such as Eureka in Halifax with the idea of touring the illustration pieces and opening them to a wider audience. In order to do this I need to start building a network of contacts to approach with my proposal.

But enough talking, in order for any of the ideas that we discussed to be viable I need to focus all my attention on getting the images right and then getting the quality right. So I shall leave you with some Donna Wilson wonders and go and get drawing!

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